In Canada, it’s estimated that one in four (25%) of the adult population has some form of anxiety. While some people are able to manage their symptoms, others find their anxiety plagues their day-to-day life. If you fall into this category, an anxious mind can stop you from leading a good quality of life. With that in mind, here are some distractions that can take your mind off any worries or fears you have.

Video Games

It’s suggested that video games can be great for relieving stress and anxiety. Whatever types of games you enjoy playing, putting on your console or switching on your gaming PC can instantly lift your mood and give you something else to concentrate on. If you love playing at an online casino, finding a casino bonus can elevate your play and provide excitement and entertainment. Just make sure you take regular breaks while playing on games, as too much screen time can exacerbate anxiety symptoms. 


If you’re feeling anxious, another brilliant way to take your mind off things is by exercising. Whether you go to your local gym, work out from home, or go for a jog around the park, physical activity is known to reduce anxiety. The thought of exercising may fill you with dread if you’ve never done it before. However, once you get started and feel the benefits, this will help you continue on your fitness journey.

Relaxation Techniques

When anxious thoughts run through your mind, there are relaxation techniques you can use to relieve stress instantly. Many people benefit from meditation which can clear your mind, improve your focus, and help you think positively. Others use deep breathing exercises that can slow down your heart rate and bring a sense of calm. The great thing about relaxation techniques is you can do them just about anywhere. Whether you’re in the office or at home, trying them out can distract an anxious mind. 


Some people find soothing music therapeutic for anxiety. Putting on some tunes and relaxing on your couch can instantly boost your mood and relieve any stress or worries you have. Studies have found that listening to calming music can help your nervous system as well as decrease cortisol levels. You can put background music on while you’re doing household chores or lounging around to combat anxiety.


Baseball, basketball, American football, or tennis – whatever sports you enjoy watching or playing, they can all be fantastic distractions for anxious thoughts. If your mind is going into overdrive, getting outdoors and playing a sport can be a huge help. You can play these sports as part of a team too, which can help you be more social. If you don’t want to leave the house, even watching a sports game on the television will help relieve anxiety. 

Doing any of the above can be great distractions for an anxious mind. Whenever you’re feeling uneasy or worried, there are lots of hobbies and activities that can promote positive thinking and help you lead a better quality of life.