Has your life got stagnant during the Pandemic? Do you feel like has nothing to offer at this juncture? You become a servant in the reign of boredom….don’t you? 

This is quite natural. A soul needs something that keeps you pumped up and aware all the time. You would wish to dive into something…some activity…that will raise your attention. You must be waiting for some anxious moments… some moment of tension.  

Thrillers are tailored to break the iceberg of the tomb of boredom.

So in this article, I am going to discuss it as a matchbox…some of the best thrillers that are present in the library on Netflix. 

So try and stick your attention right here. And yes, you could also download them from the pirate bay.  So let’s get started…

  • Level 16 

Directed by Denishka Esterhazy, the film shows the transformation of a teenage girl from her teens to young age. 

It shows that the girls are taught virtues of femininity like Obedience, Cleanliness, patience, and humility at the Vestalis Academy. 

With all these extreme attitudes that get poured into the hearts of the girls, every day, the girls think some kind of nefarious, sinister thing is waiting for them at the end of their graduation when they are already young enough. 

The movie as referred to by Haleigh Floutch is a dystopian thriller.

  • Oxygen 

The following thriller shows a woman who wakes up in a cryogenic pod with her memory completely lost. 

The problem that she faced in that situation is that she was relentlessly suffering from depleting supply of Oxygen. 

The movie, though not a complete horror, has a twist and turn in certain areas. This is sure to ramp up all your adrenaline for sure.

  • The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo  

A complete thriller in itself, the movie erupts your tension all the time as Journalist Mikael Blomkvist, searches for a woman who has been missing for four years.

She seems to be missing by Lisbeth Salander, the person who happens to be a young computer hacker. 

While watching the film you will be compelled to continuously wonder about what will happen next. This tension will be the dose of entertainment for you that evening. 

  • The Platform

The following film, a metaphor for the class system and capitalism, showcases that there is enough food and resources for sustenance.

But when one turns out to be greedy and outrageously consumes more, things don’t take time to go into a bad shape. 

The inherent message that the film gives is that over consumption leads to inequality and impregnates a host of bad elements.

  • Jumanji 

There are fewer films, especially thrillers that are family-friendly. Jumanji’s universal acceptance is due to the arresting quality of the plot. 

It shows how two kids unleash the reign of terror as they take part in an unwieldy board game. 

The film is more so appealing due to the magical performance offered by great Rovin Williams.  

  •  Nocturnal Animals 

The film is a second directional effort of Tom Ford. An ultimate thriller and a heart-pumping one. 

The film shows how events penned in the novel turn out to be real. 

When the person reads out the novel, she sees how the events described in the novel go on to transform into a reality. 

  • The Beguiled 

The Beguiled is one film that will surely raise your excitement. It is a complete thriller. The film is dominated by a thread of danger and sexual tension.  

The black days of the Civil war and how the soldiers seeks comfort in the school of women were shown in the movie. 

The film graphically showcases the blood-filled days of the Civil War. An element of incomprehension coupled with a complex scenario governs the entire movie. 

  • The Women In The Window

The following film could be put into the section of a psychological thriller. 

Throughout the entire movie, you will feel like you can’t resist the rising and bubbling tension any further. 

Here Amy Adams navigate the fallout after witnessing a murder and he wonders whether the person he selects as a witness is at all reliable or not.


All the movies that are discussed above are hardcore thrillers and they have the capacity to arrest you and your attention. 

Every time you will feel inward that you are on a roller coaster ride. The films with their exclusive character will surely make your evenings or night full of thrill. 

So enjoy them.