The company has managed to create a trading platform that attracts the attention of professional traders and beginners. It receives high ratings and positive feedback on its activity. Nowadays, it is difficult to find an investor who does not know anything about Broker.

Useful information about the terminal

The block module helps to feel comfortable from the very first minutes of working on the platform. Once a trader has customized the blocks, he or she can move on to explore the following issues: regulatory policy, availability of a mobile app, and financial conditions.

The broker’s regulatory policy boils down to giving clients the right to decide which legal framework is best for them. Reviews on the website tell us that there are three licenses, so that traders have access to the jurisdictions of Hong Kong, the UK, and Cyprus.

The mobile application of the platform is available and very good. It is not difficult to download and can just as easily be installed on the gadget at hand, and there is no need to worry about its compatibility with operating systems – there are no difficulties here either. After installation, the client gets access to his account, if he already has one. There is no need to register again, just use your login and password.

Financial conditions include commissions to the platform and its margin requirements. Exante gives preference to a soft approach aimed at respecting clients’ interests. That’s why it has two types of commissions: percentage and fixed. Small percentage is deducted for performed transaction and fixed amount is paid by client for funds withdrawal. To observe margin conditions, it is necessary to guarantee the transaction with a sufficient amount of money on the account. The Broker allows backing monetary assets with securities.

A little about the company’s accounts and the rules of working with them

Each account is good in its own way, which is why traders leave positive feedback about both demo and multi-account accounts, describing their advantages. It’s best to start with a demo account – it’s a good way to get started:

  • to explore the terminal;
  • to get used to the platform;
  • to get some practice in the trade!

If you want, you can even take a risk, a million virtual euros allows you to realize the most daring desires and not regret about it. After spending it, you can resume the balance and continue experimenting. Fans of unjustified risk demo terminal will help to avoid losses and give preference to profitable transactions.

Multi-account is very convenient to work with, first of all, for those who often close orders using different currencies. If on other platforms you had to open different accounts for this purpose, on Exante Brokerage you can successfully work with one account using auto-conversion. The list of currencies connected to the account should be reviewed in advance. Further it will be expanded. And meanwhile the catalogue of financial instruments is expanding, and thanks to the clients. New ones are periodically added to the more than 300 thousand positions, which traders request to be included in the catalog. You can search for the right price on more than 50 major markets.