May 20, 2022

In schools, from elementary classes, secondary to senior secondary classes, other than having academic subject teachers, sports teachers, etc, there are also class teachers. A teacher handling a group of students or a  particular class, their everyday attendance, managing academic details, administrative work, and is responsible for the student’s management is known as a class teacher.

Let us discuss some tips that all class teachers can follow to manage their duties well, and become more effective and efficient at their work. All these tips will help in teaching success as well as students’ academic, social and behavioral growth and development.

Tips to become an effective class teacher


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1. Use technology for better working

As a class teacher, you have to perform many duties daily. Doing all the work manually, via pen-paper mode can be time-consuming, tiring, and can also have errors. Don’t limit yourself to conventional ways of working, you should switch to technology. For example, you can use an attendance management system, to maintain attendance records of students just with a few clicks and taps. This is super useful when it comes to online teaching. Similarly, other technical apps can be used to maintain academic details and there is no need to prepare so many written lists, sheets, and more.

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2. Make your students accountable

There is no need to manage all the work alone. The easy class duties can be circulated among the students too. When students are asked to perform some basic class duties, the chances of mischief will also be reduced. This will help in proper class management. For example, you can have

  • Uniform monitors
  • Class monitors
  • Monitors for notebook collection and distribution.
  • Class library in charge

3. Keep a track of students’ academic performance

As a class teacher, keeping track of students’ academic performance is very important. This will help you see who are the class toppers, who all are still lagging, and what more can be done for improvement. Using a school management system, you can maintain records of students’ classroom performance and exam scores.

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The students whom you find getting low scores and grades, talk to the subject teachers regarding them. You should try to conduct extra classes for such students. Talk to them separately, try to know the reasons behind the low academic performance, and help them in the best ways possible.

4. Conduct parent-teachers meetings from time to time


To be an effective class teacher, one must conduct parent-teacher meetings from time to time. In the academic and behavioral growth of students, along with teachers, parents play an equal contribution therefore interactions between teachers and parents are quite necessary.  Tell parents how their child is performing in the class. Take an update on students’ self-studies and home routines. Also, don’t forget to take parents’ suggestions and advice regarding the current teaching practices or what more they want from the teachers.

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5. Stay healthy and fit


As a class teacher, you have to manage a lot of tasks. From academic to administrative details, all need to be maintained regularly. To do so, having the support of the mind and body is very important. If you are not physically and mentally fit,  you may face fatigue, stress, and poor work completion. To prevent this from happening to you, make sure to stay fit and healthy. Try to make out some time for a quick workout session every day. Eat healthily, have a proper sleep cycle, and meditate daily to stay physically fit and active.

6. Interact with subject teachers


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From elementary, and secondary to senior secondary classes, in schools, we have different teachers for every subject. For example, every class has a maths teacher, a science, Hindi, English, and social science teacher respectively. To be an effective class teacher, you should interact with all the subject teachers teaching your class.

Ask them how students are performing in their subject and who are lagging. You can listen to their problems if there are behavioral or learning issues with students. Similarly, have discussions with all subject teachers, take their reviews, and work to improve your class if needed.


As a class teacher, one has to perform many duties and responsibilities daily. To be efficient at class teacher work, following the right strategies and a plan of action is important. By following the above-mentioned tips that are using technology, staying healthy, having parent-teacher meetings, interacting with all subject teachers, and making students accountable, one can become an effective class teacher. This will ensure both teachers’ and students’ success in school.

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