It is often an amazing and unforgettable event for students to come into class on the first day of school or college. It can be intimidating to make new friends, learn new subjects, gain new experiences, and get to know new teachers, but these are the experiences that make recollections of school and college days unique.

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Along with finding friends and studying new courses, it’s critical that you get to know your instructors and, as a result, make them recognise you as a student. It always goes a long way to have a favourable impression on teachers and to make them your instructors and friends. As they can help you answer your queries and provide you motivation to fulfill your dreams. They can teach you literally about scratch such as how to maintain toilet hygiene to the most  advanced topics such as how to create online courses.  Is there a lesser known fact regarding teachers?

They, too, like connecting with their students and hope to develop a long-term relationship with them. Long after their students have graduated, teachers frequently reminisce about them. It is critical for students to take proactive measures to make a positive effect on their professors in order for connections to emerge. Here are a few simple steps students can take to establish long-term relationships with their professors.

1. Be well-dressed and appealing.

The first impression people have of you usually lasts a long time. If you’re at school, make sure you’re always dressed in a neat, ironed uniform. If you’re a college student, you should always dress formally. If you dress correctly, it will make you feel more confidence about yourself, as well as making you look extremely presentable, and it will draw the attention of not only your friends, but also your professors.

2. Don’t forget to smile and say hello.

Being well-dressed will get you recognized, but that’s not all. You must project an approachable demeanour. Welcoming your new classmates, professors, and non-teaching personnel with a simple grin will always draw their attention to you and make you appear friendly and approachable. As a result, you’ll appear and feel much more confident.

3. Always be polite and nice.

Poor behaviour and a lack of basic etiquette are proven ways to make your instructors dislike you. Always have a pleasant and polite attitude. Offer to assist a teacher in setting up her computer and projector for class, don’t disrupt a teacher’s presentation by making noise, talking excessively, or giggling, thank a professor after a class, and so on. Always address the peons and housekeeping staff with civility, wait your turn to speak with the administration department, and be courteous to the non-teaching employees. Righteous behaviour leaves a long-lasting positive influence on others around you.

4. Follow your teacher’s instructions.

Complete all homework according to the teacher’s instructions. Come to class prepared. Whatever the case may be, you’ll require a writing instrument. How about a piece of paper? Of course, sitting on your work desk with your finished homework is pointless.

5. Even if you don’t care about the class,

show that you do. Sit near the front of the room to prevent being distracted by other students, sit upright, and maintain eye contact. Look for verbal clues and keep an eye out for nonverbal ones. Make absolutely sure you get as much sleep for those less interesting classes; nodding off is a major no-no.

6. Participate 

Take part in the class conversation by asking questions. These demonstrate to your instructor that you are struggling with a topic and synthesising fresh facts. Make sure you’re paying much attention to what your classmates are saying so you don’t repeat them. When it’s appropriate, mention their efforts in your own words.

However, don’t talk merely to hear yourself speak, otherwise you’ll end up like the obedient youngster who even the instructor avoids contacting after a few days.7.Double-check everything you send, whether it’s by e-mail or on paper. Make sure your work is correct by proofreading it and making sure it makes sense. There should not be any faults in spelling or grammar. Just like online platforms who teach how to sell online courses take all the measures to maximize the productivity and avoid all sorts of errors.