Whether you are an entrepreneur at the beginning of your career or you have been in the business for a while, it does not make much difference. There comes a time in the life of an entrepreneur that one must ask themselves what to do next and how to upgrade from the position they are currently in. Everything is good as long as your business is making progress, but what to do when it hits an obstacle? We’re here to help with some tips.

Find target audience (again)

Finding the right target audience is one of the most important factors when launching or reviving your business. That means something essential needs to change in the way your business works and it all starts with which audience you want to target. Think about it, you can go broader or more narrow with your target audience or even switch to a completely different group. In case of the latter, have in mind that you shouldn’t cast your old customers away, so make sure to find a way to keep them while adding the new audience. It is not an easy task, but it is a necessary one when boosting a business. If you are uncertain which group should be your target, do a survey and find out. See which groups of people would care for your business, as well as what you need to change in order to become interesting for certain groups. There is no harm in doing extensive research, not to mention it is quite desirable. If you do this part well, everything else should come more or less naturally, so spare no expenses when it comes to this investigation, it is the basis of everything.


It makes no sense to change your target audience without changing the brand. Your brand needs to fit your newly determined target group and now is the time to reinvent it. This is quite demanding creative work, but it needs to be done in order for your SMB’s transition to succeed. Unfortunately, there is no recipe here. You need to have your own vision. We can only advise you to be bold and try to be original. Don’t copy ideas from other businesses. It will not be effective. The brand you design should depict your own personality and the idea you have in your head of the very gist of your business. Think of your most creative and inspiring thoughts when you dreamed of having your own business and try to capture it. This should be your new brand. 

Tell your story

Changing your target audience calls for some other core changes to your business. It simply makes sense that your content and your strategy can’t stay the same when your target audience is different. However, it does not make sense to start everything anew as this will probably cost you your old audience. This is why you need a good story. The purpose of this story is to make a connection between the old target and the new. This is where you need to get creative. People love a good story, regardless if it is true or not. We are not encouraging lies, but have in mind that a reason for rebranding shouldn’t be lack of money or a wish to expand. Instead, it should be something inspiring. Your customers would like to hear how and why you came up with the idea to expand your brand or to alter it in any way. This story will determine the faith of your business. If this sounds dramatic, this is because it is true. Use all your resources to think of the best possible story there is and hope people will like it. Try to dig through your mind palace to find what motivated you to start your business in the first place. You might find some good materials in your own past when you were young and inspired.

Use social media to the fullest

Now that you have a new brand, it is time to show it to the world. This is why you need to refactor your social networks, as well, if you haven’t already as part of the rebranding. Having done that, the next order of business is researching all the superpowers of social media. Each social network has its own specialty that should be used to its maximal potential. Apart from core time scheduled posts and promoted content, there are some handy tools that can help get your business out there. Social networks have powerful analytics incorporated that can be used to check whether you selected the right target audience or not. It can help you decide which step to take next and see how your applied strategies have been received among various target groups. The information you can get from social media is important and not many businesses use it, so this can be a great advantage. If you are not as savvy in this field as you feel that you should be, take training and seminars and hire experts that can help you get the hang of it. 

In the end, people often forget some of the traditional methods that have proved to work and there is no logic in changing them. One of the simplest efficient ways to see how your reform is going is to simply ask your users. Asking for feedback is important and extremely valuable. It seems quite simple, however, it is an art quite challenging to design a good survey. You need to find a perfect balance between the number of questions and the amount of detail you would like to get into. It is difficult to get all the information you need from a survey while not boring your users to death at the same time. So, try to focus on three most important questions and leave room for additional comments. This should be quite enough for you to start and also not too tiresome for your users. Of course, you should make the survey mandatory and make sure to review it on a regular basis. People do like to be asked for their opinion, but they like it even better when that opinion is valued.