April 19, 2021

Terry Scanlon Net Worth is

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Terry Scanlon Bio/Wiki, Net Worth, Married 2018

Template:Multiple issuesTerry Scanlon (5 July 1913 – 21 August 1996) was an Australian comedian and pantomime artist. He was one of Australia’s top comedians; he worked with some of the early greats of Australian comedy, including Sid Beck, Roy Rene and George Wallace. In the 1930s, however, he was one of the vanguard to modernise comedy out of baggy suits, funny face make up and slapstick into the more modern stand up style comedian – in a tailored suit, the only prop a cigarette in hand, delivering gags. His role in the evolution of Australian comedy was acknowledged in a tribute by Joe Martin when he was honoured as a life member of the “ECHINDAS” by his peer’s years later.Scanlon was born at the Salvation Army home, Mount Lawley, Western Australia. In 1918 he was formally and legally adopted by the midwife who had delivered him and taken care of him since he was 3 days old, Harriet, and her husband Maurice Scanlon. They lived in Charles St, West Perth. He started performing professionally at the age of 9, touring with YAL (Young Australia League), which also produced the talented Colin Croft and internationally known Rolf Harris. Jack Cox, an English producer/director, taught Terry the basis of comic routines. Terry refined his craft through years of touring through West Australia, South Australia and Victoria during the 1930s.Scanlon left school at the age of 13 and his elderly adoptive parents had died in 1928 while he was in his early teens. He had no family but his burning ambition to become a comedian and perform in the east of Australia sustained him. He was still touring mainly around Perth and Fremantle at this time with William (Billy) R. Heaton. He began touring with Mrs Teague’s Concert Party, performing in jails, hospitals, asylums and at Cottesloe beach, performing in the show “Sleepy Time Down South” while doubling as a waiter in a guest house. Still in his late teens he continued learning his craft with great enthusiasm; touring with vaudeville shows, visually impaired shows, community concerts etc.…Doing diverse, but mainly comic performances Scanlon also performed as a juggler, assistant in a dagger throwing club and did a stint in a tent show as a boxer. In those days people had to be versatile. Comedy however was his true forte and on the advice of an act, Ted and Flo James, he was advised to go to the eastern states and get work in the theatres there. Many years later Ted and Flo James became show business agents in Sydney and Terry would get a lot of bookings through them.Terry decided to leave WA and in a T-model Ford he crossed the Nullarbor plains. The car blew up during its long journey. He was now stuck in Adelaide and South Australia was not appreciative of strangers from other states. As these were the depression years they were having enough problems feeding their own. He kept performing wherever he could. Six months went by and he decided to move on to Melbourne. A racing car driver was driving to Melbourne for a


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