If you’re looking for daily pizza specials, look no further than your neighborhood Papa John’s Pizza. As of April 4, 2022, there are 3,079 Papa John’s locations across the U.S., and one of them is bound to be near you. Papa John’s offers the best daily specials of any pizza chain in the country.

Papa John’s Franchises Locally!

Did you know that not all Papa John’s locations are owned by Papa John’s? Many are franchised to local companies that want to become part of the communities where they build their restaurants. For example, the Papa John’s in Danville, Kentucky is owned by a local franchisor, who also owns several other shops in Kentucky and Virginia.

These franchised restaurants are integral in the cities where they’re located. They provide pizza to schools, religious organizations, colleges and universities, and more. Their employees take great pride in the work that they do. Delivery drivers know that when they ring customers’ doorbells, they’re going to see smiles on the other side of the door.

For you to be that happy customer, you need to know where your local Papa John’s is. Papa’s website’s pizza delivery near me feature lets you find the closest restaurant to you, no matter where in the country you are.

Wherever you happen to be, you can rest assured that Papa John’s has your back when it comes to daily specials. Some locations might offer a low-cost one-topping pizza for carryout on Mondays and Tuesdays. Most locations participate in Papa John’s monthly specials; for example, in April of 2022, the chain is offering a stuffed-crust pizza with one topping for only $13.

Ongoing specials may include the Family Special — a large specialty pizza and a large two-topping pizza for $26.99, Papa’s Double Take — two large two-topping pizzas for $25, and Any 2 Built Your Way — two large specialty pizzas or pizzas with up to five toppings for $16 each.

Plan Your Perfect Evening with Papa John’s

Whether it’s date night with your girlfriend, family movie night, or any random Tuesday, Papa John’s pizza can be part of your perfect evening. Whether you just want pizza, or you want to add on breadsticks, cheese sticks, wings, jalapeño popper rolls, chicken poppers, or a delectable dessert, you can’t go wrong planning your perfect evening.

If you don’t want to deal with ordering pizza on your special night, you can order pizza in advance both via the website and over the phone with one of Papa John’s friendly employees. No matter how you order, your pizzas should arrive fresh, hot, and on time, ensuring that the evening you’ve planned can go off without a hitch.

Any time you’re looking for the best daily pizza specials, your local Papa John’s Pizza is ready to take your order. It doesn’t matter if you’re dining alone or feeding a crowd; the restaurant chain has specials to serve any size gathering. Papa John’s uses better ingredients to make the better pizza you, your family, and your friends deserve.