March 3, 2022

Kids have a very innocent and pure heart and mind. They just want to stay happy and cheerful in whatever they do. It is a completely wrong assumption that kids don’t like to go to school, actually the truth is they just are not taught well to stay happy and cheerful. If it is made that school and classroom environments can become happy and cheerful anyhow then no student or kid will deny going to the school. Every teacher dreams of making his or her classroom a happy and cheerful classroom. And it is completely possible that without compromising all the academic rules a classroom can be kept cheerful and happy and students can enjoy learning. The base of a happy and cheerful classroom can be estimated under three necessary points- the student should feel safe in the class, the student should feel valued and cared, and the student must feel that whatever he is learning is making him or her successful in his or her academic life. These attributes make the classroom very happy for the students and they enjoy learning in such a classroom. Regarding this, school management uses a learning management system to take care of such things. Learning management system ensures that students must be enjoying learning. These days students are using new methods to learn such as online learning and to ensure safety of students while online learning school management uses LMS login. LMS login makes sure that student’s online learning must be safe. When students feel safe in the classroom from bullying and from violent tutorship, they begin to enjoy each and every single moment in the class, also when teachers teach students so lovingly that they feel being at home then they feel so valued that they feel very happy being in the school. So, lets understand tips to achieve a happy & cheerful classroom:

  • Tutors need to do some research work about their students and somehow, they should make sure that they know all the needed information about the students so that the tutor can form the teaching plan and opt teaching method according to the grasping power of students. In this way students can feel the emotion of belongingness in the classroom and they will take a tutor as their dear one.
  • Teachers should search for any small and big moment of humour. Each and every student likes to laugh and stay cheerful in the class, so teachers need to give the students such moments where they can laugh to their fullest and enjoy the class of that particular teacher.
  • Who doesn’t like to be appreciated and praised? So, teachers should never forget to praise and appreciate the hard work of the students. Doesn’t matter whether kids top the class or not but they need to be appreciated for the hard work they do in their academic life. This appreciation makes them happy and the atmosphere of the classroom gets cheerful.
  • Teachers need to remove teacher centred teaching from the classes. They need to give students chances to say their thoughts also in the class. Students should be given chances to speak about their wishes, how they want to be treated in class, what troubles them in any particular subject or which teacher teaches them good or bad? If they are allowed to share their opinions then they will feel relaxed and will learn happily.
  • Nobody can learn or study for a long time continuously so students should be allotted some good time for playing when they can be given chances to come out of the boundaries of discipline. Time for playing as a period of games should be given to the students so that they can lighten their stress of academic pressure and burden of expectations of getting high scores.
  • Students should be given a little break while teaching. Even if the class is of 45 minutes still, they shouldn’t be made to write or study continuously because they are mere kids and it is completely inhuman to compel them to learn for so long without break. To create a cheerful and happy environment in the class, the tutor should give them breaks of 5-10 minutes so that they can laugh and talk a little to their peers or the tutor can also enjoy with them, this will make their bond stronger.
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