If you want to go to the movies, we recommend that you apply a series of tips that will help you increase the volume of security.


First of all, let’s be very cautious and avoid risky behavior in the midst of the coronavirus. But if we want to continue enjoying life, there are certain activities that will attract our attention and interest us. For example, the cinema. Whether because of the decision made by Santiago Segura with the premiere of his latest film or because we are hooked on cinema as a tradition, the point is that sooner or later we will surely return to theaters. And at the moment in which we do it, it will be important that we follow some recommendations so that we do not expose ourselves to possible risks or problems.


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Cinemas try to survive

Cinemas in Spain have a tradition that goes back a long way and whose importance in people’s daily lives is high. They are not at the level of the bars, but they are significantly close to them. And that is why the industry is suffering the consequences of COVID-19. The cinemas have not yet returned to 100% although many reopenings have already been carried out, and those that have done so have not been slow to implement security measures with which they try to give security to the clients who visit them https://cuevana.pm/.


With Mulan’s theatrical release canceled, theaters are trying their best to grab the public’s attention. The pre-sale of tickets for Tenet has already begun and the box office tries to take refuge in emotional, deep films that give us something. A quick look right now at one of the most historic theaters in Madrid shows us that there are 9 films on the bill (waiting for the premiere of Tenet itself, which will take place in a few hours).


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Above all, they are betting on drama and dramatic comedy. It can be seen, in an analysis of the billboard, that what the film distributors are avoiding is capturing the attention of the general public, adolescent viewers, and children. There is a lot of logic in all this and in a certain way a large volume of ethics on the part of the companies in the sector. By not releasing films for children, for example, the production companies do not expose this group of the public to exposure to infections. And considering that children usually go to the movies with their grandparents, all this ends up being very logical.


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Movies aimed at a teenage audience are not being released either, a more commercial target that we could relate to productions such as Fast and Furious. It seems to be trying to appeal to viewers with a more restrained demeanor, people who would surely be interested in movies like The Way Back, a sports drama starring Ben Affleck.


What we do find are less ethical examples, such as the movie ¡Let the music play!, whose poster includes the phrase “ The best feel-good movie of the year ”, an argument that seems quite manipulative to us considering the situation in which we meet. In the week of 9/11, Jim Carrey’s Me, Myself and Irene became an unprecedented hit in video stores in the United States, but no one promoted it with a phrase like that. It just happened.


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The use of the mask

There are all kinds of movie theaters and the measures vary from one to another, so in some cases, it is possible that we find security and control not as firm as one might imagine. That is why we wanted to make a point to recommend that as a protective measure you always wear a mask inside the cinema. The room is a closed space in which the air circulation may not circulate too adequately or, in any case, it will only use the air conditioning circuit for it. Both possibilities are dangerous, so we should always wear the mask.


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After all, no matter how much we separate ourselves from other spectators, there is always a certain margin for us to be close at some point and that we can “meet” those droplets that could be loaded with the coronavirus. On the other hand, let’s not forget that the infection can remain in the air for a certain period of time, so we could even be affected by the sneeze of a person who had been in a session before ours.


Popcorn or other food

We return to the cinema to enjoy a movie. But sometimes when we recover something that we have lost, we want it to the fullest, not half measures. And what that means is that we feel like sitting in the cinema seat to watch a movie while we eat popcorn and have a drink. The problem is that by doing this, what we are doing is putting ourselves at risk due to the factor from the previous point: the mask. Because to eat and drink we have to lower the mask and be without it for as long as we are enjoying this classic movie menu.


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Health experts say that there really shouldn’t be so much risk for eating popcorn at the movies and lowering our masks for a few moments. If we do not have anyone around us and we are not at risk of being sneezed near us in one way or another, we could feel safe. At least that’s what some experts say. We personally are not convinced. It is true that if we do not have a person sitting in front, behind, or to the side who could sneeze, there should be no direct risk, but what about the movement that occurs with the air conditioning? We had talked about it before and it is not something that can be ignored.