In England and Wales, there were about 422,000 burglaries in 2018-19, according to the latest statistics. While it’s impossible to eliminate the prospect of your home being burgled, there are things you can do to discourage robbers from targeting your area.

They include:


Broken gates, missing pieces in fences, and crumbling masonry all provide easy access for thieves to enter your property undetected.

It’s never been more critical to protect your house from the outside, with 47 percent of burglaries committed on the spur of the moment. You don’t want a potential robber or intruder to notice anything that makes your home an easy target if they pass by.



Keeping your indoor lights on a timer is still an effective way to deter robbers, according to one poll. 57 per cent of people in the UK keep their lights on to make it appear like someone is home, according to one survey.

There are several timer systems that may be connected to your phone or tablet device, giving you complete control no matter where you go. They can establish a variety of illumination patterns each day, ensuring that the lights turn on at inconvenient times.

Having your lights on at 3 am, for instance, is unlikely to send a message that you are legitimately at home.

With all of this in mind, these systems turn on and off lights at random intervals throughout the night to simulate someone being home. Smart plugs work well for this since they connect to a device with Wi-Fi. They not only allow you to remotely control your lighting, but they also enable you to manage other appliances such as a television or radio.

You may also utilize these techniques in conjunction with your lighting to give the impression that your home is genuinely inhabited.


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A CCTV camera is one of the most effective burglar deterrents. Not only does a possible intruder notice one, but also, according to law, you must post a sign informing the public that they are being recorded.

With the most recent technologies, you may stream straight to a phone, tablet, or computer, so whether you’re at work, on vacation, or even at home, you can see who is inside or approaching your property. It might be difficult to bring a burglar to justice but CCTV cameras are critical in 62.2 per cent of investigations.


According to polls, three-quarters of UK homes lack a security alarm. However, the fact is that a decent one may serve as an important line of defence in deterring intruders.

Many are now able to notify you of any movement in your house, as well as identify if windows or doors are being opened, thanks to artificial intelligence technology. This sort of system, when paired with a loud alarm, will halt any prospective thief in their tracks while also alerting you, a security firm, or the cops.


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Although the majority of break-ins occur during the day, night-time robbers will be looking for ways to get into your home where they can hide. Bedsits in corners and blind spots are ideal locations for burglars because they provide concealment possibilities such as between large automobiles, trees, walls, and sheds.

Although motion sensors have been around since 1972, they’re not that common. Rather than being a single light in one location that can be seen from several places at once, the outdoor lights and switch on the inside of your home give you higher visibility while still allowing infrared rays to protect against intruders. You may detect any movement by using motion sensor lights


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A simple gate may be all it takes to deter someone from trespassing on your property. With 34 per cent of burglars entering via the front door, having a security gate as a supplement to other security measures is an excellent way to keep them at bay. 

Installing a sturdy aluminium barrier around your property will give it an impenetrable appearance and make it less attractive to robbers. burglars avoid climbing fences since they know doing so is noticeable.

The more time and effort an intruder must put into breaking into your home, the less likely they are to try. When it comes to making a home feel safer, aluminium gates are the ideal option for both you and your other family members.

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