Hosted QuickBooks is accounting software that can be downloaded and accessed from any location. This allows you to use documents wherever and whenever you like, as well as access customer records and details. The software gets installed on a server, not on your computer; so, you can store your QuickBooks files in multiple locations.

Users can perform accounting procedures such as invoice customization, sales, profit, expense tracking, and business report analysis. Hosted QuickBooks provides users with secure access, customizes servers for easy login, and supports connections via the Remote Desktop Protocol.

Hosted QuickBooks is available via a CloudHosted Virtual Desktop. This refers to hosting any version of QuickBooks accessible over the Internet on a network server. Allows for secure storage of files and quick access when needed. The hosted version of QuickBooks is different from traditional QuickBooks such as the desktop version of QuickBooks and the online version of QuickBooks. Every QuickBooks version can be hosted with the help of third-party hosting providers.

The QuickBooks desktop authorizes access to all the accounting features of the QuickBooks software via a local system where the software was installed. That is, users of the QuickBooks desktop version can access the functionalities of the software only from the particular device where the software via install. This is ok contrast to the hosted version where access is unlimited.

Benefits of Third-party Hosting Provider to host QuickBooks

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Endless Access and Fast Connection

Hosting QuickBooks with the help of the QuickBooks Cloud Server Hosting Solutions provider makes it easy to access your data no matter where you are. It also lets multiple people work on the same documents at the same time. This helps the users to edit and share the files simultaneously, which also helps in reducing the time spent on the assignments and improving the collaborative needs.

Decreased Cost of Operations

Hosted QuickBooks is a way to avoid the need for IT upgrades and maintenance; you don’t have to spend time installing and configuring the software, as well as upgrading it every few years. Uptime is also increased and managing your data will be cheaper. If you’re looking for IT support, you can use third-party QuickBooks tech support. It provides 24/7 technical services.

Office Space

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QuickBooks has an online version which means you can do everything right from your computer. This saves you not only time but also money on office space. Do it all from the comfort of your home!

QuickBooks is accessible on most devices, including smartphones, Apple products, and Windows.


Data in a hosted QuickBooks account is secured by multiple layers of protection against data loss. The system stores data at highly secure server locations to protect your data from all sorts of threats. Plus, you can always rely on the backup process to make sure your files are secure as well.

Instant Access and regular monitoring

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One person at a time can access the data and files in QuickBooks hosted online which means that they can enjoy faster speeds and improved accessibility. All customer support with being handled remotely from a separate team with a full responsibility to monitor all your hosted QuickBooks.


Hosting QuickBooks with a third-party provider such as Apps4rent who also guides on Office 365 to Office 365 Migration provides multiple benefits for end-users. For instance, they can enjoy auto-updates and data entry automation, remote access, multiple user access, and file-sharing flexibility. There’s also real-time collaboration and file exchange capabilities.”