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how to become an effective class teacher tips to follow 100130 1 - How to become an effective class teacher: tips to follow

How to become an effective class teacher: tips to follow

In schools, from elementary classes, secondary to senior secondary classes, other than having academic subject teachers, sports teachers, etc, there are also class teachers. A teacher handling a group of students or a  particular class, their everyday attendance, managing academic details, administrative work, and is responsible for the student’s management is known as a class teacher.

Let us discuss some tips that all class teachers can follow to manage their duties well, and become more effective and efficient at their work. All these tips will help in teaching success as well as students’ academic, social and behavioral growth and development.

Tips to become an effective class teacher


1. Use technology for better working

As a class teacher, you have to perform many duties daily. Doing all the work manually, via pen-paper mode can be time-consuming, tiring, and can also have errors. Don’t limit yourself to conventional ways of working, you should switch to technology. For example, you can use an attendance management system, to maintain attendance records of students just with a few clicks and taps. This is super useful when it comes to online teaching. Similarly, other technical apps can be used to maintain academic details and there is no need to prepare so many written lists, sheets, and more.

2. Make your students accountable

There is no need to manage all the work alone. The easy class duties can be circulated among the students too. When students are asked to perform some basic class duties, the chances of mischief will also be reduced. This will help in proper class management. For example, you can have

  • Uniform monitors
  • Class monitors
  • Monitors for notebook collection and distribution.
  • Class library in charge

3. Keep a track of students’ academic performance

As a class teacher, keeping track of students’ academic performance is very important. This will help you see who are the class toppers, who all are still lagging, and what more can be done for improvement. Using a school management system, you can maintain records of students’ classroom performance and exam scores.

The students whom you find getting low scores and grades, talk to the subject teachers regarding them. You should try to conduct extra classes for such students. Talk to them separately, try to know the reasons behind the low academic performance, and help them in the best ways possible.

4. Conduct parent-teachers meetings from time to time


To be an effective class teacher, one must conduct parent-teacher meetings from time to time. In the academic and behavioral growth of students, along with teachers, parents play an equal contribution therefore interactions between teachers and parents are quite necessary.  Tell parents how their child is performing in the class. Take an update on students’ self-studies and home routines. Also, don’t forget to take parents’ suggestions and advice regarding the current teaching practices or what more they want from the teachers.

5. Stay healthy and fit


As a class teacher, you have to manage a lot of tasks. From academic to administrative details, all need to be maintained regularly. To do so, having the support of the mind and body is very important. If you are not physically and mentally fit,  you may face fatigue, stress, and poor work completion. To prevent this from happening to you, make sure to stay fit and healthy. Try to make out some time for a quick workout session every day. Eat healthily, have a proper sleep cycle, and meditate daily to stay physically fit and active.

6. Interact with subject teachers


From elementary, and secondary to senior secondary classes, in schools, we have different teachers for every subject. For example, every class has a maths teacher, a science, Hindi, English, and social science teacher respectively. To be an effective class teacher, you should interact with all the subject teachers teaching your class.

Ask them how students are performing in their subject and who are lagging. You can listen to their problems if there are behavioral or learning issues with students. Similarly, have discussions with all subject teachers, take their reviews, and work to improve your class if needed.


As a class teacher, one has to perform many duties and responsibilities daily. To be efficient at class teacher work, following the right strategies and a plan of action is important. By following the above-mentioned tips that are using technology, staying healthy, having parent-teacher meetings, interacting with all subject teachers, and making students accountable, one can become an effective class teacher. This will ensure both teachers’ and students’ success in school.

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How To Learn Maths Fast: A Formula for Success

How To Learn Maths Fast: A Formula for Success

Maths is indeed an important subject that plays a vital role not only in academics but in real life too. Still, kids develop a sense of fear against the subject in the initial days of schooling without understanding its relevance. What maths demands in turn are just the hard work with dedication and allegiance the same odd subject could be turned into the most interesting and high-scoring one. To understand math with perfection and score good marks it is important that you should practice it in a very systematic manner, and for this purpose, it is good to opt for a learning platform that has highly trained tutors, like QuestMath online tutors.

Starting From The Basics

Learning math online can be as easy as playing games if started from the very basics. To achieve perfection in this subject you need to strengthen your foundations first because until you acknowledge the basics of math you would not be able to have a proper grip over the subject. The online learning platform with the help of its teachers provides you with excellence in math starting right from the basics. These platforms focus on one-to-one online classes so that an educator gives an ample amount of time to a student. One-to-one learning during the foundation building of the subject facilitates proper assessment of the student, acknowledgment of even the smallest of problems, and complete focus on a single student.

Tricks and Methods

While learning math a student not only needs to be hardworking but also smart. Math is full of lengthy and complex calculations and to solve these complex problems hard work alone is not sufficient. You need to be smart enough to cut short these lengthy calculations and find an accurate solution using fewer calculations. This can be done with various tricks and methods, but these tricks could not be learned and practiced on your own. You always need an expert who could teach you such tricks and also guide you towards perfection. 

The online learning platform is a one-stop platform that provides you with tutors and mentors who provide you with proper guidance throughout the learning process starting from the most basic steps. Learn math online with the online experts and experience yourself that learning math could be how easy and fun-filled. These platforms primarily focus on developing problem-solving abilities and teaching you how to apply math to real-life problems. 

Practice and Revision

It is said that practice and revision are the keys to success in order to achieve expertise in math. This is true by all means because with a lack of practice you would not able to grasp the minute technicalities of math and without revision, you are likely to forget whatever you have studied. Here the role of the mentors becomes very crucial because the children learn math from some highly trained and experienced mentors who perform their tasks with sheer dedication and hard work. As discussed earlier you will be provided with one-to-one online classes, the mentor in the class ensures proper practice and revision sessions. Not only this but one-to-one sessions are quite helpful in the doubt solving process because you can interact with the mentor without any hindrance and also raise your queries until they get cleared.

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How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Are Transforming EdTech 

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Are Transforming EdTech 

Artificial intelligence has successfully entered every industry in the global market. While eCommerce, IT, and healthcare have quickly adopted AI, the education sector took a little time to get into action. However, the Covid-19 pandemic pushed educational institutions to make swift changes to their traditional approach and adjust to the modern ways.  

The world’s Artificial Intelligence in the education market crossed $1 billion in 2020 and is likely to climb at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 40% by 2027. Top Global Universities & educational institutions are gradually adopting AI tools in classrooms and facilitating online/ remote teaching. 

Let’s explore the role of AI and ML in transforming EdTech to create an inclusive and immersive learning system for students. 

Enhanced Benefits of AI in Education

Disruptive technology innovation in education benefits teachers, students, and the institution (management). Let’s figure out how versatile and useful AI is in the education sector. 

For Teachers and Schools

  • Automate Non-Teaching Activities 

Activities such as preparing for the class, creating question papers, assessing the answer sheets, etc., taketoo much time. Teachers have no option but to manage it all. Thanks to AI, they can automate generating question papers and correcting the answer sheets. Different EdTech tools help in conducting and assessing tests online, saving the teachers some time to focus on lesson plans. 

  • Streamline Curriculum Creation 

There’s no longer a need to create a curriculum from scratch. Online AI-based tools allow teachers to use existing curriculum kits and update to suit their syllabus and students’ requirements. This allows for a flexible & interactive curriculum where students can also suggest changes to work on their strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Student Assessment 

If assessing answer papers is one aspect, assessing the students is another vital factor that requires more effort. Artificial intelligence empowers teachers to understand the weak areas of each student. This gives teachers more information about how to plan the classes and ensures that all students who attend the class can learn the topic/ subject without feeling stressed. 

  • Live and Recorded Classes 

AI-based platforms allow teachers to record their classes in advance and share them with the students. Apart from live streaming the lessons, teachers can schedule recorded videos if they won’t be available for the particular session. They can assign chatbots to answer basic queries while the teacher is away. 

For Students 

  • No Geographical Borders

The merging of global borders in education is among the most important artificial intelligence benefits in education. Students can learn from a teacher living in any part of the world through remote learning facilities or online platforms. Even if the courses are in other languages, there are top-class translator tools to assist students. 

  • Cost-Effective Learning 

The advent of using AI and ML development in the education industry has increased competition among online learning platforms. This led to a decrease in the cost of learning. Moreover, the focus is on bridging the gap between education and marginalized communities to provide better career and growth opportunities. 

  • More Course Options 

Online universities and platforms have an array of conventional and unconventional courses to choose from. Students can opt for diploma programs through distance learning while continuing to study at the local college. 

  • Personalized Learning 

The ML algorithm suggests the topics and courses for learning based on the students’ likes, preferences, and strengths. The syllabus is customized to retain students’ interest and keep them engaged. AI-based platforms also provide immediate feedback to students and help them identify the areas for improvement. 

How to use AI in Education?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have varied roles in education. Speech recognition software or adaptive learning technology and creating smart content, AI can make education accessible to everyone and eliminate the differences. 

Speech Recognition Software can help teachers and students bridge the language gap and comminute with each other in the classroom and during remote learning. Students from marginalized communities will benefit from this AI tool.

Smart Content is the digitalization of textbooks and notes to make them accessible for every student. There’s no need to rely on library books alone. Moreover, AI tools can create interactive content to increase student engagement. 

Adaptive Learning is where the ML algorithm identifies the gap in the students’ learning and creates a study program to help them achieve their goals and do better in the final exams/ assessments. 

Gamification is the process of using game-based activities and rules to make education more interesting. Online quizzes, tournaments, events, winner boards, etc., motivate students to do their best and actively learn in the classrooms. Here check an example of gamification app designed by VLink for an FMCG company employees.

Current AI-Based Platforms in Education

Here are three some of the popular AI-based educational platforms in the market: 

  • Blippar is based in London and uses computer vision with augmented reality to provide interactive study materials for students. 
  • Querium relies on AI to create classes for STEM tutoring based on the insights provided by the teachers about their students’ learning abilities. 
  • Carnegie Learning uses AI and ML to help students get a deeper knowledge of math and personalize the concepts for easy understanding. 

AI and Our Future Workforce

Artificial intelligence will not replace teachers and educators. Instead, it will empower them to provide higher quality education to students and create a holistic learning environment that promotes inclusive learning to eliminate bias between students. Teachers will be less stressed about non-teaching activities and manage their time effectively. The next few years will see the integration of AI into the education sector. Here is a free whitepaper download on AI and ML technology envisioning the future, covering the important topics C-level decisions makers to line of business data consumers, should be thinking


VLink plays an important role in promoting AI in the Education sector and encouraging them to adopt EdTech. We help build and customize AI-based learning platforms and assist institutions in integrating AI tools into their existing processes. Our digital solutions for the education industry are cost-effective and customized as per our client’s requirements. 

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nouns that start with m 0066f46bde - 75 Nouns That Start with M with Definitions

75 Nouns That Start with M with Definitions

While moving with the letters of the English Alphabet we find M, the most unique and the one that remains in the facility of the series. Going across half the background of the letters, it is the one that has one line of symmetry and develops a baseline photo with W.

Do you recognize any people whose names start with the letter M? How about nations or states? Nouns include people, areas, and points. They’re typically tangible, like moccasins or monoliths, and they offer a crucial role in the English language.

Continue reading to appreciate a large list of nouns that start with M and further discover the function of this necessary part of speech.

The following is the full list of nouns that start M in English. Having a great vocabulary to draw from can assist you create more effectively. Let’s begin.

Machinea mechanical device
Magazinea weekly or month-to-month journal
Maidan unmarried girl or girl employed for home work
Maila system for sending created communication
Maintenanceassistance or upkeep to something
Majoritythe better portion
MalariaA disease brought on by insects
Malnutritionno proper nutrients
Mana participant of the mankind, a male grownup
Managementthose in charge of a company or team
Managera person in charge of overseeing workers
Mannerthe means of doing something or behaving
Mansionsubstantial castle
Mapa depiction of a particular land or sky area
Marijuanapsychedelic medicine acquired from Cannabis
Marketa location where you most likely to acquire things
Marriagethe religious or legal process through which people end up being partners
MaskA cover to disguise others
MasterThe dominant one
Materialthe physical components of something
Matterwhat something is made of
MealAn affordable amount of food eaten
Meatfood that comes from the bodies of animals
MedalA steel disc generally provided as the token of accomplishment
Mediathe entities that interact info
Medicinea medicine or herb utilized to keep wellness
Membera part of a team
Memoryto bear in mind something from past
Men2 or even more participants of the male varieties
MentalityA person’s point of view
Menua list of offered selections
Messagea brief communication sent from a single person to one more
Metalany one of a class of chemical aspects normally characterized as good conductors of heat as well as electrical energy
MeteorAn issue from deep space that appear a ball of fire when seen in the sky
Methoda system or method of doing something
MicroorganismMicroscopic organisms
Milka white liquid that appears of animals to feed their children
Milliona thousand thousands
Mindthe part of a person that things, really feels, and also keeps in mind
MiniatureTiny or tiny
Ministeran individual selected to execute orders or church features
Minutesixty seconds, or a brief period of time
Minutesa couple of or more short time periods
MisbehaviorAct of poor conduct
Missiona specific task or task
Modea method of doing something
Modela certain design of an item
ModestyTimid and also not too certain
MoleA borrowing animal or a spy
Moman individual that has given birth to a youngster, or has the duty to take care of the youngster
Momenta brief period of time
Moneymoney utilized to acquire products
Monthany of the 12 parts of the calendar year
Morningthe very first part of the day from midnight until noontime
Mothera female who brings to life youngsters or has the obligation to care for children
Motiona movement or activity
MotivationThe act of behaving specifically way
Motoranything that makes something move
MountainThe huge altitude of the surface of the Planet
Mouththe opening of something
Movementaltering locations or placements
Moviea motion picture or film that narrates
MufflerA scarf put on around the neck
MultiplicationMathematical operation of replicating something
MunicipalityThe controling body of community, city
MurderTo eliminate someone
Musclebodily packages of cells or fibers that create movement
Museuma structure that houses well-known masterpieces
MushroomEdible fungi
Musicsounds that are positive, harmonized
MustardEurasian plant use to make cooking ingredient
MycobacteriaThe group of bacterium that causes leprosy and also tuberculosis
MysterySomething that is unidentified

Nouns are a fantastic part to start, yet they’re just the beginning when it involves vocabulary structure. After checking out nouns that begin with M, keep building your English language skills with this considerable list of nouns that start with the letter M.

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qualities of a good student 1 - How to make a good impression on your teacher

How to make a good impression on your teacher

It is often an amazing and unforgettable event for students to come into class on the first day of school or college. It can be intimidating to make new friends, learn new subjects, gain new experiences, and get to know new teachers, but these are the experiences that make recollections of school and college days unique.

how to sell online courses 

Along with finding friends and studying new courses, it’s critical that you get to know your instructors and, as a result, make them recognise you as a student. It always goes a long way to have a favourable impression on teachers and to make them your instructors and friends. As they can help you answer your queries and provide you motivation to fulfill your dreams. They can teach you literally about scratch such as how to maintain toilet hygiene to the most  advanced topics such as how to create online courses.  Is there a lesser known fact regarding teachers?

They, too, like connecting with their students and hope to develop a long-term relationship with them. Long after their students have graduated, teachers frequently reminisce about them. It is critical for students to take proactive measures to make a positive effect on their professors in order for connections to emerge. Here are a few simple steps students can take to establish long-term relationships with their professors.

1. Be well-dressed and appealing.

The first impression people have of you usually lasts a long time. If you’re at school, make sure you’re always dressed in a neat, ironed uniform. If you’re a college student, you should always dress formally. If you dress correctly, it will make you feel more confidence about yourself, as well as making you look extremely presentable, and it will draw the attention of not only your friends, but also your professors.

2. Don’t forget to smile and say hello.

Being well-dressed will get you recognized, but that’s not all. You must project an approachable demeanour. Welcoming your new classmates, professors, and non-teaching personnel with a simple grin will always draw their attention to you and make you appear friendly and approachable. As a result, you’ll appear and feel much more confident.

3. Always be polite and nice.

Poor behaviour and a lack of basic etiquette are proven ways to make your instructors dislike you. Always have a pleasant and polite attitude. Offer to assist a teacher in setting up her computer and projector for class, don’t disrupt a teacher’s presentation by making noise, talking excessively, or giggling, thank a professor after a class, and so on. Always address the peons and housekeeping staff with civility, wait your turn to speak with the administration department, and be courteous to the non-teaching employees. Righteous behaviour leaves a long-lasting positive influence on others around you.

4. Follow your teacher’s instructions.

Complete all homework according to the teacher’s instructions. Come to class prepared. Whatever the case may be, you’ll require a writing instrument. How about a piece of paper? Of course, sitting on your work desk with your finished homework is pointless.

5. Even if you don’t care about the class,

show that you do. Sit near the front of the room to prevent being distracted by other students, sit upright, and maintain eye contact. Look for verbal clues and keep an eye out for nonverbal ones. Make absolutely sure you get as much sleep for those less interesting classes; nodding off is a major no-no.

6. Participate 

Take part in the class conversation by asking questions. These demonstrate to your instructor that you are struggling with a topic and synthesising fresh facts. Make sure you’re paying much attention to what your classmates are saying so you don’t repeat them. When it’s appropriate, mention their efforts in your own words.

However, don’t talk merely to hear yourself speak, otherwise you’ll end up like the obedient youngster who even the instructor avoids contacting after a few days.7.Double-check everything you send, whether it’s by e-mail or on paper. Make sure your work is correct by proofreading it and making sure it makes sense. There should not be any faults in spelling or grammar. Just like online platforms who teach how to sell online courses take all the measures to maximize the productivity and avoid all sorts of errors. 

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education picture - Online education during pandemic

Online education during pandemic

Education entails more than just attending classes and reading books. It defies all expectations. Education entails learning knowledge outside of the classroom. We live in a time where we don’t have to go somewhere to learn something new. Yes! We can teach ourselves and our children from the comfort of our own homes. This can be accomplished through online learning. All underprivileged students who are unable to enrol in traditional classrooms can now receive an education through online schooling.

The term “online education” refers to a process of obtaining education through the use of the internet. As a result, learners can gain knowledge and skills without having to physically travel. Students can now acquire information from any part of the globe thanks to the advent of new technology such as the internet. There is, though, no time limit. All students have access to a digital education system 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Online education is a modern form of education that differs significantly from old methods of information acquisition. For a better comprehension of the students, the instructor or mentor uses a variety of tools such as texts, audios, films, animations, and so on.

What Is the Effectiveness of Online Education?

Online education can be advantageous in a variety of ways. The following are some of the primary advantages of online education:

  • Saves Time and Money: Students can save a lot of money and time by obtaining an education online. It reduces the cost of transportation as well as the amount of time spent travelling.
  • Everyone can use it: Everyone has access to online schooling. Students from all around the world and of all ages are welcome. This is among the most significant benefits for physically disabled kids. They do not need to go; rather, they can receive education from the comfort of their own home.
  • No Time Limits: Online education provides students with a great deal of freedom. Students can request information at any time. There are no time constraints, as there are with traditional learning methods.
  • Choice: There is a wide range of courses available online. Students can learn things like personal growth and other activities that are tough to learn offline, in addition to course content.

Benefits if Online Learning

In many aspects, the online or modern educational system differs from the offline or old educational system.

  • Traditional education has a set timetable, while online education allows you to pick and choose when you want to learn.
  • Online education is far less expensive than traditional education. Many costs, such as transportation costs, are associated with traditional education. Uniforms and other items related to them are required for students.
  • Students have the option of choosing their own topic in online education. They can view it multiple times to get a better comprehension. Students do not have any options in offline schooling.

During the Covid outbreak, the word “online education” became quite widespread. The benefits that online education provides have helped it to gain popularity among students and parents.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus had forced the closure of all schools and institutions in the area. This had an impact on the students’ schoolwork. Online education functions as a vaccine in the sphere of education at this time. Various educational apps provided a platform to create and sell online courses which not only aided students but also provided working professionals a chance to upskill themselves. In addition to it, these apps were selling online courses platform at a very reasonable price and provided installment opportunities too. 

The educational revolution has proven to be beneficial to all students. Many schools have set up online classes for students. Many institutions have adopted the trend of online schooling to keep students focused on their studies rather than wasting time. Both teachers and students have found that online education has helped them do their jobs without jeopardising their safety.

Online education allows students to have a virtual learning experience. Higher education, on the other hand, is more suited to online learning. Several students apply for online courses, while others choose to take sessions in person.And therefore how to sell online courses is one of the most searched questions on the interenet.  Observing the role played by online learning today, it is apparent that the online system will undoubtedly influence the future of the educational system. However, converting all traditional processes to online ones will create a slew of issues. As a result, students will benefit from combining the advantages of both systems.

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main qimg 0ea21aba6e3a92ffa19f319c35360e04 1024x765 1 - Want to Know How University of Essex Assists Students to a Bright Career? Here’s How

Want to Know How University of Essex Assists Students to a Bright Career? Here’s How

One of the hottest study abroad destinations globally, the UK provides students with the opportunity to grow on a level that is beyond academics. The UK’s education system allows students to learn by doing and doing so at their own pace. One of the universities that allow students to gain knowledge with practical experience is the University of Essex. The university has produced industry leaders, Nobel Laureates, award-winning directors and presidents. This is just one of the things that shows the potential of Essex to assist students in creating a better future for themselves.

The University of Essex was founded with the vision of creating a university where students live and learn with special emphasis on research. The first academic year at the University was in 1964 with 122 student enrolments. In the next five decades, more than 100,000 students from over 140 countries have graduated from the university. It offers 674 undergraduate programs and over 300 postgraduate programs. There are a large number of specialisations to choose from such as Arts and Humanities, Business and Management, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences and Medicine, Social Science and Management, and Natural Sciences. 

According to the Complete University Guide 2022, the University of Essex is positioned in the top 30 in the UK. It ranks at the 22nd position for international outlook in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021. It ranks at the 439th position according to the QS World University Rankings 2022.  Here are some of the ways in which the University of Essex helps out its students in securing a bright future:

  1. Quality Education: The University of Essex provides importance to work and play. The educational experience at Essex is exceptional because the students are not burdened with work but are also given the time to socialise. Students are equipped with skills and knowledge to make a difference in the world. Independent thinkers and people who are creatively inclined have always felt at home at Essex.
  2. Employability and Careers: When applying to a university, nobody has their entire future mapped out. However, it is essential that your aspirations are met at your chosen University. The University of Essex supports its students in their path to graduation and beyond as well. 
  3. Central Location: The University of Essex is situated in the wonderful county of Essex. There is over 550 kilometres of coastline to explore. The countryside is historic and provides you with an opportunity to learn outside the classroom. The main campus is situated in Colchester, which is the oldest recorded town in England and is a one-hour train ride from London.
  4. Learn a Language: The University of Essex recognises the importance of having a foreign language under your command. The Languages for All program provides the students of Essex with the opportunity to learn an additional language at no extra cost for one whole year. This helps the students in stimulating their brains further while adding a major plus point to their CV. 
  5. Data Science for All: The importance of data science has been noticed all over the world. Across disciplines, there is a need to have basic knowledge of data science. For this, the ten-day Data Science for All online course is available for all Essex undergraduate students. This would make students more employable after completion of their course at Essex. 
  6. Student Diversity: With students from over 140 countries and nationalities, the University of Essex helps you in networking with a lot of different people. This would help you in building a global identity. You will learn so much from everyone you meet such as the ways of different cultures, trust, kindness, respect and so much more!

The University of Essex is your roadway to rising up to your full potential. It provides you with all the possible ways in which you could upskill yourself. With some of the world’s best faculty members, it ranks Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF 2017) which is a sign of the excellent educational experience. The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021 puts it in the 25th spot in the UK for research quality. If you are someone who is looking for fun, adventure and lots of learning while paving your way to success, then the University of Essex is the one for you!

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1614156305php0cmlxq - How to Prepare Geometry for CAT Quantitative Exam

How to Prepare Geometry for CAT Quantitative Exam

The Common Admission Test (CAT Exam) is a computer-based MBA entrance exam for IIMs and other top B-Schools across the country. Every year, over 2 lakh students apply for the CAT exam. The CAT exam is one of the country’s most popular MBA entrance exams. 

Preparing for the quantitative ability section is one of the most challenging challenges for CAT aspirants. The Quantitative Aptitude section is regarded by the majority of CAT toppers as one of the most tricky and time-consuming sections of all.

Students with a non-mathematic background can face a tough time practicing and solving the quantitative ability section questions. However, it can become easy if you have a well-thought-out plan and you know the important topics to focus on that can flip the page and bring new differences to the overall preparation.

Geometry is one such important topic of the CAT Quantitative Aptitude section. In the Quantitative Aptitude Section, 24-25 questions out of 34 are asked from arithmetic and geometry.

On that note, let’s discuss why should study geometry well and a few simple yet crucial tips to follow which can help you ace all geometry questions in the CAT 2022 exam.

Importance of Geometry in CAT Quantitative Aptitude Section

Geometry, of course, establishes a meta-base for itself, but it also serves as a foundation for Trigonometry, Mensuration, and Co-ordinate Geometry.

Geometry accounts for about 6-7 questions on its own. When you factor in Trigonometry, Mensuration, and Co-ordinate Geometry, you’re looking at a total of ten good questions to ace on the Quantitative Aptitude Section.

Circles, Parallel Lines, and Triangles are among the topics that must be practised concurrently with coordinate geometry, with the congruency and similarity of triangles to be stressed upon.

As mentioned earlier, arithmetic and geometry combined account for 24 to 25 questions in the CAT exam. Even if you get 22 questions correct, you are looking at a percentile above 99.

Geometry Tips for CAT Quantitative Aptitude Preparation

Learn Concepts and Try to Link Them

You should begin your preparation for any topic with the fundamentals. Geometry is the same way. Learn triangles first, then circles, and finally quadrilaterals.

Everything else was developed on top of them, steadily, deliberately, and methodically, with each notion postulated using the foundations of the ideas that came before it. In the field of geometry, the concept of proving and establishing is well-established.

That is why learning Geometry is so enjoyable. Consider Archimedes and Euclid. Unlike their day, you now have everything you need to master this topic written out in front of you.

For example, area formulas of different types of equilateral, isosceles, scalene triangles are derived from the general formula of Area of a Triangle. Therefore, while learning the aforementioned formulas, try to relate them to the general one to retain them easily.

Learn iteratively and Then go for Variations

Iteratively learn Geometry. Build a solid theoretical basis, practise a few questions, and then attempt to answer a few questions that aren’t immediately related to what you’ve studied. What are the benefits of using this CAT Geometry Preparation Strategy?

Assume you’ve learned everything there is to know about congruence. It’s simple to answer questions concerning congruence. Suddenly, you’re confronted with a multi-layered head-scratcher of a question.

Many students miss out on the opportunity to solve questions based on interconnected geometrical principles and fail right away. They learn a portion of theory, then apply it to a few questions before moving on to the next chunk. Everything appears to be fine until they begin to solve CAT Level Questions and discover that, due to the layered nature of these questions, they are unable to apply the theorems.

This is why, after creating a firm theoretical foundation, you should learn Geometry in stages.

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voicemail 4668542 960 720 - In Brief - Types of Amendments in Indian Constitution

In Brief – Types of Amendments in Indian Constitution

The drafters of the Indian Constitution were mindful that the demands of a maturing democracy are dynamic, and hence the constitution should have room to meet new needs. As a result, they designed the amendment procedure to be both flexible and rigid, making it difficult to alter things. Article 368 in Part XX of the Constitution provides the amendment powers to the Parliament. However, Parliament cannot amend those sections of the constitution that are part of the “basic structure”.

The UPSC Exam includes a section on constitutional amendments. An aspirant is expected to understand all the ways by which Amendment of Indian Constitution is possible, as well as how each type of Amendment is applied in different contexts. In this article, we will discuss all the three types by which the Indian Constitution can be amended, which is very important for UPSC Prelims and Mains.

Provisions Related to Amendment in the Constitution

As stated earlier, Article 368 of the Constitution deals with the amendment procedures to be done in the Constitution. The article states that an amendment can only be initiated by proposing a Bill in either House of Parliament, which must be passed by both the Houses. Both Houses must pass the Bill with a total majority (regardless of vacancies or absentees) and a majority of not less than two-thirds of those present and voting. There is no provision for a joint sitting in the case of an amendment. To change provisions listed in Article 368, such as changing federal characteristics, it must be ratified by at least half of the states.

Ways of Amending the Constitution

There are three ways in which the Constitution can be amended:

  1. Amendment by a simple majority of the Parliament
  2. Amendment by a special majority of the Parliament
  3. Amendment by a special majority of the Parliament and the ratification of at least half of the state legislatures

Amendment by a simple majority of the Parliament

Outside the boundaries of Article 368, several provisions in the Constitution can be amended by a simple majority of the two houses of Parliament. Some of these provisions are-

  • 2nd, 5th and 6th Schedules
  • Abolition or creation of legislative councils
  • Union Territories
  • Privileges of the Parliament, its members and committees
  • Number of puisne judges in Supreme Court
  • Conferring more power to Supreme Court
  • Elections to Parliament and state legislatures
  • Delimitation of constituencies
  • Citizenship: acquisition and termination
  • Admission or establishment or formation of new states and alteration of areas, boundaries or names of existing states

Amendment by a special majority of the Parliament

A special majority of the Parliament is required to amend most of the provisions in the Constitution, which is a majority (that is, more than 50%) of the total membership of each House and a majority of two-thirds of the members of each House present and voting. The term “total membership” refers to the total number of members in the House, regardless of whether there are vacancies or absentees. The provisions which can be amended by this method include:

  • Fundamental Rights
  • DPSP
  • All other provisions which are not covered by the above categories

Amendment by a special majority of the Parliament and the ratification of at least half of the state legislatures

When federal structures need to be changed, this form of majority is necessary. Aside from a special majority by both houses of Parliament, a simple majority of half of the state legislature is required. There is no time restriction for states to provide their approval to the law. The following provisions can be changed in this manner

  • Power of Parliament to amend the constitution and its procedure
  • Election of the President
  • Representation of states in Parliament
  • Any of the lists in the Seventh Schedule
  • The extent of the executive power of the Union and the states
  • Distribution of legislative powers between the states and the Union
  • Supreme Court and High Courts

Although the power to amend the Constitution lies with the Parliament, the judiciary has been given the authority to review the constituent power of Parliament if it violates the “basic structure” of the Constitution. Hence, the Indian Constitution was intended to be that it retains its validity over time without becoming obsolete, while also responding to the needs of India’s many socio-economic groups.

If you are an aspirant of civil services, you are advised to check the notification and go through the IAS Prelims Syllabus for more such topics. The topic is very important for UPSC Prelims as the exam has at least one question on this topic, every year.

We hope the above article assisted you in quickly revising the different types of amendments. Continue to check the website for similar updates.

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