Spotify allows artists to engage with millions of music fans across the globe. It is an ideal platform to engage your audience and gain more traction for your songs. You have to plan before the release of your music. If you want more exposure for your tracks on Spotify, choose the best Spotify promo company and invest in your promotion. 

You won’t find it easy to build Spotify followers or increase your monthly listeners on the platform. Fortunately, some proven music promo tips and the use of ideal tools can help you improve your Spotify streams. You can include these ideas in your marketing plan for Spotify’s music promos.

Artists’ services

Spotify exclusively reserved some features for artists on its platform. You can utilize these tools in the Spotify for artists section to market your songs. Verification of your Spotify for artist’s profile is necessary if you want to use the tools to promote your music. You can add a profile image to your Spotify for artist profile and update your bio when necessary. 

The “Artist’s Pick” feature lets you draw your audience’s attention to your new release, favorite playlists or album. Besides, you can view your songs’ streaming stats and submit your latest release to Spotify playlists. You can also create video and audio ads.

Personalize your profile

Your Spotify profile is an avenue to inform your followers about your brand. Customize it with relevant photos. You can add a header image, your concert calendar, and feature playlists. Sharing favorite or new songs can draw your audience’s attention. Pin your selections at the top of your artist profile. Constantly update your profile.

Build followers

The population of your Spotify audience contributes to the success of organic music promotion on the platform. They will help spread your songs. Increasing your Spotify follower base should be your priority. You can ask fans on your email list to become your followers on the platform. A follow button inserted on your website converts visitors to become your Spotify followers.

You can also gain followers from social media platforms. Send messages on these media requesting users to become your followers on Spotify. You can also ask them to share, like, and stream your songs. Engagement can make your music go viral.


Pitch your latest track to Spotify’s playlist editors before its release. Early submission can get you placed on the Release Radar playlists, introducing the music to your followers. If your track gets featured on a popular playlist, it can have thousands of streams. You can curate playlists featuring other artists’ music. 

You may inform the musicians featured on your playlists about the placement. These artists are likely to return the favor. Besides, featuring their music can help you build relationships with the artists.

Spotify Ad studio

You can create video and audio ads on Spotify. With the targeted ads, you can successfully promote your music. If you want to boost streams for your new song, run audio and banner ads before and after its release date.

If you can creatively use Spotify features, you can successively run music promotions on the platform. You can get exposed to followers of the artists through collaboration with them. As a result, your follower base increases.