A properly functioning window allows light and fresh air to get inside the house while ensuring the home’s safety. It can also add to the house’s aesthetics, as it comes in varying styles, designs, and materials. Window problems may appear over time, which are repairable. However, the time would also come when you need window replacement. Here are some signs that tell you it’s time to replace your window.

High electric bill

There are different causes of a high electric bill. If you check these common causes, and they are not the culprit, see if it’s a problem with your windows. Cracks, holes, and other damages may develop. Weatherstripping could also wear out. All these contribute to drafty windows. Cooled or heated air from the HVAC system escape through these spaces, making it difficult to achieve the set temperature. It needs to work harder and longer to make the room comfortable. It contributes to a high electric bill as there is more energy consumption.  

Excessive condensation

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Condensation is normal, especially on cold days. However, if it becomes excessive, it could mean that the window glazing is no longer effective. The problem can get worse if they have broken seals. Replacing the windows is the best option if this happens. 

Decay on the frames

The frames are the structure that holds the windows. If they have visible decays, it may be time to replace them. The damage could make its way to the inner parts of the frames, so the problem could be worse than what you see. Consider Crittall windows for your replacement as they have proven their durability and quality for thousands of years. They have a flexible design, which you can customise to your liking. So, whether you want a traditional or contemporary style, it’s easy to achieve that look as long as you hire an expert for the manufacturing and installation. Companies that specialise in Crittall replacement and repairs also manufacture and install these windows so that you can reach out to them for their service. 

Recurring problems

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Windows are susceptible to natural wear and tear so that they would need repair at some point. However, if they keep malfunctioning and require constant repair, replacing them may be more convenient and practical. The amount you spend for the continuous repairs may be more than what you would pay with the replacement. 

It’s out of style

Besides functionality, the aesthetics of your windows also play a big part in your decision of keeping or replacing them. If their style no longer matches your preference, other options are out there that could satisfy your taste. As stated above, you can even have them customised. 

It doesn’t reduce sound 


If you live in a busy neighbourhood, soundproofing your home could give you the peace and quiet that you need, to rest well. Your windows can help reduce sounds from outside. If not, new window models have better soundproofing features. 

Caring for your windows will make them last longer. However, they could reach their end of life, and the signs mentioned above tell that it’s time to replace them.  

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