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Headphone buying guide

The experience of buying headphones can be like buying a car: Excessive, full of incorrect information, and a good chance of theft if you are not careful. With countless models on the market from thousands of brands, finding the right pair can feel like a needle-in-haystack situation.

Fortunately, here at Digital Trends, we examine the robots of listening devices and have found some important ways to distinguish between right and wrong. Yes, if you need real inspiration, you can check out our own reviews, or better yet, our top-of-the-line (see below), but there is something special about doing research and coming up with the perfect two. With that in mind, we have created this directory for buying headphones to help you get the best sound and visibility for your dollars. Let’s go!

Taking the exact type of headphones

If you really care about noise and usage, we encourage you to avoid just entering the Best Buy, picking up eye-catching headphones on the shelf, and hoping things will work out. The same goes for buying from airport sales equipment or just picking up a high-end pair on Amazon (other than that, reviews are rarely legal).

Besides making noise, different types of headphones offer all types of devices such as active noise cancellation (ANC), Bluetooth connectivity, and all types of built-in sensors; not to mention, there is a huge difference in the tone of voice and the way they feel. With a little effort, you can find the set of headphones you will need for years to come.

To help you start your search, we have compiled a description of the most popular archetypes of headphones. Whether you are talking about wired or wire types, there are some basic design considerations before making your purchase.

On-Ear Headphones

Oral Circum headphones, commonly referred to as “onear” headphones, produce larger all speakers and thus a larger, larger sound party. Open-back-in-ear headphones are usually the best headphones but offer a little more without noise. In other words, you can hear all the sounds around you. The closed-back design that fits perfectly in your ears provides a better way to silence the noise you, your audience, and those around you, but know about bloated bass. High-quality headphones are known for listening at home, in the office, or for travel.

Headphones are on the ear

Supra-aural headphones, or on-ear headphones, are usually smaller and more flexible than their earplugs while still making loud noises. Most supra-aural headphones are closed-back and provide a distinctive noise when properly heard in the ear. On-ear headphones are commonly used in situations such as on-the-ear headphones.

In-ear headphones

Sometimes called in-ear monitors or “canal phones,” these bullet-proof headphones are inserted into the ear where they stick out of the ear canal. Most headphones in the ear offer the best sound quality alone, but to get the best sound quality, the ears need to be perfect. Technically, anything with a removable ear is in-ear headphones. In-ear headphones are particularly popular for everyday use, travel, and sports.


The ears are inserted directly into the ear and transmit sound into the ear canal, not the ear canal. This is one of the most expensive headphones options and is often included with portable media players (or aircraft offering in-flight movies). It should be noted that the term “earphones” is commonly used in connection with earphones. In particular, most pairs of “full wireless earbuds” are in-ear headphones (see below). Actual earbuds are rarely common these days.

True wireless headphones

“True wireless earbuds” or “fully wireless earbuds” – the same thing – is a misnomer, as it can always be in-ear headphones. (Outside includes Apple AirPods.) While most wireless headsets are connected to the necklace (or, if on-ear and on-ear headphones, headband), true wireless headphones are just two small headphones with zero wiring. . They always come with a small charging case, to help you avoid losses and extend their unbalanced battery life. True wireless earbuds are popular for exercise and movement.

Wired Vs. Wireless Vs. True Wireless

You may have noticed that each of the above headphones of different types of wireless devices, and this is not an accident. In fact, most new consumer headphones offer a wireless headset, but most still connect the two earbuds together via ahead or (in-ear headphones) small cord. True wireless headphones are the only type with zero cord, though they come with their own flaws (as mentioned above).

There are a number of reasons manufacturers now focus on wireless headsets, including new features in wireless technology such as improved reliability, durable batteries, and a strong solid wireless connection to your device. Not to mention the fact that many smartphone manufacturers (ahem, Apple and Google) have removed the headphone jack altogether. The simple fact is that most consumers want the convenience of wireless headphones, and since most modules close when needed, there is good reason to look for a pair of wireless cans.

However, wired headphones still provide better reliability, and wherever there are audiophiles, there will always be their place. You can also save more on that wired version (if it is still available), and save the area if you do not need a cord.

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