Chip Kunhavijit Net Worth
May 1, 2023


The world is filled with countless stories of unexpected wealth and fortune. One such story involves a young man named Chip Kunhavijit and his journey to becoming a millionaire overnight. Chip’s story gained media attention and has since had its fair share of speculation and lore. In this post, we’ll uncover the untold story of Chip Kunhavijit’s net worth reveal and discover how he managed to make millions overnight. Let’s dive in!

[Section 1] Chip Kunhavijit: Who is he, and how did he become a millionaire?
Chip Kunhavijit is a Thai student studying in the United States. In 2018, news broke that he had become a millionaire overnight after buying a large stake in the cryptocurrency, Dragonchain. So how did it happen? According to reports, Chip had received a call from his younger brother, who had invested in Dragonchain and had seen impressive gains. Chip decided to invest $100,000 in Dragonchain and saw the value of his investment skyrocket almost overnight.

[Section 2] What is Dragonchain, and how did it lead to Chip’s fortune?
Dragonchain is a blockchain-based platform designed to help companies quickly and easily integrate blockchain technology into their existing systems. The platform’s token, DRGN, saw significant gains in 2018, which led to Chip’s fortune. According to reports, Chip had invested in DRGN at a price of around $0.06 per token and sold a significant portion of his investment when the price hovered around $4 per token.

[Section 3] The role of timing in Chip’s success
Timing played a crucial role in Chip’s success. Not only did he invest in a high-potential cryptocurrency, but he did it at the right time. Chip invested in DRGN during a particularly bullish phase of the cryptocurrency market. With the market in his favor, Chip’s investment in DRGN turned out to be a massive success.

[Section 4] Chip’s family’s involvement in his investment decision
Chip’s family played a considerable role in his investment decision. According to reports, it was his younger brother who first invested in DRGN and alerted Chip to it. Chip’s father, who is an experienced investor, also gave him sound advice on the investment. This goes to show that having a supportive family can make all the difference when it comes to wealth-building.

[Section 5] How Chip’s investment makes him different from other young adults
Chip’s net worth of millions of dollars is what sets him apart from other young adults. It’s not every day that a student makes such a significant amount of money in one day. Chip’s investment has given him a financial cushion that most young adults can only dream of. It also allowed him to graduate early from college and pursue his entrepreneurial interests.

[Section 6] Has DRGN been a good investment overall?
Investing in cryptocurrencies can be risky, and DRGN is no exception. While Chip’s investment in DRGN paid off handsomely, other investors may not have been so lucky. DRGN has fluctuated significantly in value since its inception and has seen its fair share of ups and downs. As with any investment, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and seek advice from experienced investors.

[Section 7] FAQs

1. How old is Chip Kunhavijit?

Chip is believed to be in his early twenties.

2. Is Chip Kunhavijit still involved in cryptocurrency?

It’s unknown what Chip is currently involved in. However, reports state that after selling his DRGN investment, he used the money to establish a coffee shop business and focus on his entrepreneurial pursuits.

3. Did Chip have any prior experience in investing?

According to his father, Chip had no prior experience in investing before putting money into DRGN.

4. Were there any legal issues surrounding Chip’s investment?

Yes, Chip’s investment in DRGN led to a legal dispute between him and his relatives.

5. What does Chip plan to do with his newfound wealth?

Chip reportedly plans to use his money to finance his entrepreneurial pursuits.

6. Is Chip Kunhavijit the first person to become a millionaire overnight through cryptocurrency investing?

No, there have been several instances of people becoming millionaires overnight through cryptocurrency investing.

7. What’s the future of DRGN?

It’s impossible to predict the future of any cryptocurrency, including DRGN. However, the platform is still up and running, and the token continues to be traded on various exchanges.


Chip Kunhavijit’s story is a reminder that there are opportunities for wealth building all around us. While investing in cryptocurrencies can be risky and speculative, Chip’s story shows that with the right timing, research, and intuition, a significant payoff is possible. Chip’s investment highlights that having a supportive family and entrepreneurial spirit can also be helpful in wealth-building success. Let’s take inspiration from Chip’s experience and seek out opportunities for building our wealth and financial freedom.

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